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Koala got 4 times bigger! Meet Grupo Koala do Brasil


Koala has always been known for taking care of their home. In 2021, we expanded our scope to take care of other aspects of Brazilians' lives! Thus, the Koala do Brasil group was born. In addition to taking care of your home, we will take care of your vehicle, your pet and, & eacute; Of course, from you! 

Our company has a history of 32 years, starting its activities in the production of eucalyptus oil essence, a product with high yield power and unequaled quality. These are attributes that have accompanied us from its foundation to the present; these days.

Koala's growth is; exponentially, and occurs in a sustainable way, combining constant investments and new technologies applied to production lines. In this way, we always guarantee the highest quality of the products, which are items that are increasingly present in the daily lives of Brazilian homes.

Get to know the brands that are part of the group:

Koala Essences:

Our traditional aromas are still present in your home! In formats: Concentrated Cleansing Essence; Odorant Spray; Environments Diffuser; Blocker of Odors and Utilis, the care of your home is guaranteed! You're you can choose the format that is most practical for you, and leave your home with that characteristic koala scent.

Koala Auto:

The brand Coala Auto was specially developed to aromatize the interior of your car, providing a pleasant fragrance. Our line of spray odorants are available in 60ml bottles, in the aromas: New Car, Lavender, Lemongrass, Vanilla, Tutti-Frutti, Rosemary and Coconut. 

Pet Koala:

The care of your pet is guaranteed with our new Pet Koala brand! There are several lines ideal for taking care of your pet and leaving it fragrant, with hydrated and clean fur.

Koala Beauty:

Koala could not fail to develop a brand designed with all the affection and professional care to take care of you. The products are inspired by Brazilian hair, thinking of all its diversity and needs.

A lot of technology involves the production of this line and we have as a result products with high quality and é of course, delicious smells. 


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