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New: Koala Auto. The brand of automotive products from the Coala group in Brazil!


Whether you are going to work, traveling or driving for pleasure, the Coala Auto Odorants line is here to take care of your daily life in your car! 

Developed to aromatize the interior of your car, Koala scents are pleasant, perfect to keep your car always with that clean smell! 

Koala currently has 5 fragrances from the Auto line, all available in 60ml size. They are: Lavender, Vanilla, Lemongrass, Tutti-Frutti, New Car, Coconut and Rosemary. 

To use, just apply the product with a quick spray, positioning the jet downwards and causing its particles to spread through the interior of your vehicle.

But pay attention! Do not apply the product directly to the seats or the vehicle dashboard.

Do you like this new thing?  Get it now your! Available at the largest supermarket chains in Brazil and also at our online store!



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