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Discover Koala Essences Aroma Diffusers


Our Aroma Diffusers are perfect to guarantee the unmistakable smells of Koala in the rooms and also give a special touch to the decor! In addition, the Diffuser é very practical to use and it perfumes for a long time, naturally, spreading its aroma little by little.


Koala has 7 different fragrances! They are: Lemongrass, Tutti-Frutti, Lavender, Vanilla, Mango, Pomegranate; and Spices. 

Form of use:

To use the Diffuser, é easy! É only; remove the product from the packaging, detach the outer lid and open the bottle, removing the inner lid that seals the product. Then, refit the outer cap on the bottle and introduce the sticks so that they absorb the perfume.


After 2 hours, switch the sticks on their sides to keep the sticks moist and thus enhance the diffusion of aromas.

If you want to discontinue use, just remove the rods and close the bottle.

Environment Suggestion:

The aroma diffusers can be used in every room in your home or in other spaces where you want to give a special touch and ensure that they are always scented.


Check out below some aroma suggestions to use in each room:


For the  living room: we suggest Capim-Limão, a subtle and welcoming aroma. Or the aroma Spices, which can warm the environment and bring feelings of warmth and comfort. 


For the kitchen, we recommend a more citric fragrance, such as de Mango or de Spices , which balance the large amount of aromas present in this room.


The rooms are environments of calm and rest. To strengthen this, the aromas of  Lavender and Vanilla are ideal. 


Already; in the  bathrooms, fragrances that accentuate a clean smell are the best! Here, we indicate the aromas of  Romã and Tutti-Frutti.


Do you like this new thing?  Get it now your! Available at the largest supermarket chains in Brazil and also at our online store!



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