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More than an online store


Há thirty years we have developed aromas and products that Brazil loves.

We work on new fragrances and innovative products always for you to enjoy. have the best of  Koala in your home and in your business.

With that, we decided to bring our products closer to  youê and we are very happy to launch our e-commerce for all of Brazil.

 Go to:

On this website   It is possible to buy the Koala products that you want to buy. already; finds in markets all over Brazil, launches and aromas that you'll find. you still don't know, that is, the whole Koala line!

It has been gratifying to receive so many messages from customers that it's already been they're loving our webshop, gifting friends and family with products and helping each other shop online.


É with affection that we reach é youê aromas such as Clove and Cinnamon, Cotton, Rosemary and what else you like; want. 

For retailers it is now even easier to understand what their region  search among our products to better serve your customers.

Now we want to hear from you. And then, did you like the news? ????
Bring your opinion, your comments and suggestions because we have open arms to assist you, whether you are you consumer or retailer.

Come join the Koala family!



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