Início do Conteúdo Principal


The year was 1989, various technologies were beginning to be part of each of our lives, a new decade was approaching and so was the anxiety for what would come next.


Meanwhile, in a small town in the interior of S&o Paulo, the Meneghetti family was developing a product unlike anything else on the market, the Koala eucalyptus oil.

From there; for here, a lot has changed, which was just a dream, is now part of our reality, such as cell phones, increasingly portable computers, infinite technologies and also Coala, a product that passes from generation to generation. the in generation.

Today, we stand out as one of the most loved brands by the Brazilian housewife, with a line of more than 50 products and several passionate aromas.

For this very important celebration, several actions will be launched so that we can thank each one of you who have been with us since the beginning of this journey.



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